Ever wonder what type of weapons are used by Rangers? Or possibly by the individuals in Araluen?
You can find out below!

Recurve Bow
The recurve bow is used by Apprentice Rangers for training. They are not yet strong enough to handle a Long Bow. This is the bow used by Will during the first 4 books of the series.

Long Bow
The long bow is used by Full Fledged Rangers such as Halt. This is a very strong bow and can deliver an arrow faster then any other bow. It is the choice weapon for the rangers.

Saxe Knife
A ranger always carries two knives, one of them is the Saxe Knife. A Saxe Knife is a specially made knife that is stronger then most swords. Combined with the Ranger’s throwing knife, they are quite dangerous.

Swords are the choice weapon of knights, however the Ranger Gilan uses a sword instead of the normal ranger knife set. Gilan is a sword master and was granted by the Ranger Corps to use a sword instead of the knives. I would never duel him if I were you.